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Foilboarding Cabarete

Nice Foilboarding session on Cabarete reef with one of our local riders Oron Kessel. 

Foilboarding has become the latest craze to take Cabarete kiteboarders to a new level of riding. With an effortless gliding sensation that lets you fly over the waves like your very own hover board. Kite Foiling is here to stay, get your lessons today at Kite Club

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Holidays Foil session from Oron Kessel on Vimeo.

Foil Academy 3 day course $599

With the Slingshot Foil 3-mast system.

Each session includes a 1-hour radio lesson

Foil Academy Instructor and 2-hour of supervised rental.




Day 1: Taxi 15” mast.

Learn the basics of handling your foil, waterstarts and your first rides with the board on the water. Graduate with consistent upwind riding and short flights.



Day 2: Touch & Go 24” mast

Learn to keep the board off the water for longer rides and increased speed and upwind ability. Attempt first flying turns.




Day 3: Solo 30” mast

Consistently riding on the foil with a smaller kite. Learn tacks and jibes, toe-side riding and how to pump the foil for more speed.





3 Day Private Foiling Course  $599.00 

Private Lessons with Foil & Kite $180.00 / hour

Private Lesson with Foil only $150.00 / hour

Foil only Rental with Supervision $50.00 / hour

Private Lesson only $100.00 / hour

 Up to $200 cash back towards your Kite Foil Purchase!! 

kite foil lessons

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