Kite Club Facilities

Kiteboarding school Cabarete

Kite Club Cabarete is a kite boarding school with a reputation for it’s open and friendly atmosphere. Where all levels

Kite Club Cabarete

Kite Club Cabarete

of kiters from complete beginners to pros come to take kite surfing lessons, rip up the waves, or just chill out and watch the show that is Kite Beach Cabarete.

Kite Club

Located on the north shore of the caribbean island paradise of the Dominican Republic, Cabarete is loved for windsurfing, surfing as well as kiteboarding. With constant trade winds and warm waters Kite Club is the ideal place to learn to Kitesurf.

Kiteclub is on the upwind tip of kitebeach giving us premier location and our Kite Club Cafe brings hungry kiters to our garden all day. Comprised of a friendly staff of fully qualified IKO Instructors Kite Club offers the very best of kite lessons in English, French, German and Spanish. Plus Instructor Training led by IKO Examiner and Club owner Jon Dodds

Club Membership

If you’re staying in Cabarete town then you’ll need some storage at Kite Beach. Kite Club has secure personal lockers, large enough to store all your kiteboarding equipment. We have 3 levels of Club Membership. Full Members can enjoy all the facilities of Kite Club and have a Large Equipment Locker for storing lots of Kite Gear securely. Basic Club Members get all the same benefits minus the Large Equipment Locker. Non kiteboarding friends and family can be signed in as Guests of Club Members free of charge. Check out our pricing and facilities below:

of Member



 1 Day




 1 Week




 2 Weeks




 1 Month




 1 Year 




Equipment Lockers Equipment Lockers 



All Students & Renters get free Basic Club Membership 






Beach Access

Sun Beds

Showers, ToiletsChanging room

Free Wi-Fi 

Kite Club Cafe 

Add family & Friends as Guest

Boat Rescue
(Off-shore wind only)

Small Day-Locker

Air Compressor 

Garden & Water hose

Assistants from Kite Club Staff

Big Equipment Locker


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Kite Club Cabarete shared Longboard Chris - Photographer's photo — at Kite Club Cabarete.

360 panoramic, thanks to longboard Chris photography
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My first 360 degree spherical panorama on Facebook! :D Adeuri (future world kiteboarding champion) and his better half get the prime slot on this one :D New to panoramas? on.. I just tested this on my smartphone and it works just fine. For best results...I suggest touching only the center of the image.. that seems to let you scroll all the way around it without scrolling down your feed. Tap on it once and it should fill the screen. You can then scroll all the way around with ease. For the best results...use a laptop or desktop with a mouse. I've discovered that if you're viewing it on a laptop or desktop using a on it once and then try pressing the full screen button at the top can then zoom in and out using the scroll wheel :D All devices will behave slightly differently. I'm going to experiment with these to see just how big you can make them, here. This upload was done using a 4k version of the original (which is huge...over 9k)...I'll see just how big it can get after a few tries :)

5 days ago

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Kite Club Cabarete shared Longboard Chris - Photographer's photo — at Kite Club Cabarete.

Sunset over Kite Beach, another great day on the water.
Thanks to Longboard Chris for the shot.
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3 weeks ago

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Kite Club Cabarete shared Kite Club Café & Beach Bar's event.

Come Join us for Beach BBQ and Party!
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Friday BBQ Extravaganza

Jan 20, 6:30pm

Kite Club Café & Beach Bar

1 month ago