General Information

MONEY Dominican Peso (RD$)

LANGUAGE is Spanish. English is spoken in tourist areas.


ELECTRICITY 110/120-volt alternating current, 60 hertz. An American adapter plug is recommended.

TELEPHONE The dialling code for Cabarete is: 001 (809) +local no.
Mobile network: UK and European mobiles do work most of the time.

INTERNET There are several internet cafés nearby and there is wireless internet connection in Cabarete Surf Camp.

CLIMATE The climate is tropical with temperatures around 28-30 degrees. For the cooler evenings during winter and the air-conditioned rooms a light pullover is advisable.

Police, Fire, or Ambulance – Call 911
Medical Centre Cabarete : 001 (809) 571 0964 (Open 24 Hours)
Puerto Plata Medical centre: 001 (809) 586-2342 / 001 (809) 586-4140

Address of Medical centre in Puerto Plata:
Centro Médico Bournigal, Antera Mota Street, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, PO BOX #25
Email medical centre in Puerto Plata:

Ambulance service This is a private nationwide service called “Movi-med” It operates in Santo Domingo , Santiago , Puerto Plata and La Romana. Telephone numbers are as follows:
Santo Domingo : 532-0000 (area code 809) Santiago : 587-333 (area code 809) Puerto Plata: 970-0707 (area code 809)
Full payment is required at time of transport.

Consulates & Embassies
All Consulates & Embassies are located in Santo Domingo . All numbers have local area code of (809)
Canada Consulate & Embassy : 685-1136
France Embassy : 682-2605/689-2161
EU Consulate : 540-5837 E-mail:
Germany Consulate : 565-8811
GB Embassy:472-7111/472-7671
USA Consulate & Embassy : 221-2171 E-mail:


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Kite Club Cabarete shared Longboard Chris - Photographer's photo — at Kite Club Cabarete.

360 panoramic, thanks to longboard Chris photography
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My first 360 degree spherical panorama on Facebook! :D Adeuri (future world kiteboarding champion) and his better half get the prime slot on this one :D New to panoramas? on.. I just tested this on my smartphone and it works just fine. For best results...I suggest touching only the center of the image.. that seems to let you scroll all the way around it without scrolling down your feed. Tap on it once and it should fill the screen. You can then scroll all the way around with ease. For the best results...use a laptop or desktop with a mouse. I've discovered that if you're viewing it on a laptop or desktop using a on it once and then try pressing the full screen button at the top can then zoom in and out using the scroll wheel :D All devices will behave slightly differently. I'm going to experiment with these to see just how big you can make them, here. This upload was done using a 4k version of the original (which is huge...over 9k)...I'll see just how big it can get after a few tries :)

5 days ago

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Kite Club Cabarete shared Longboard Chris - Photographer's photo — at Kite Club Cabarete.

Sunset over Kite Beach, another great day on the water.
Thanks to Longboard Chris for the shot.
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3 weeks ago

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Kite Club Cabarete shared Kite Club Café & Beach Bar's event.

Come Join us for Beach BBQ and Party!
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Friday BBQ Extravaganza

Jan 20, 6:30pm

Kite Club Café & Beach Bar

1 month ago