General Information

MONEY Dominican Peso (RD$)

LANGUAGE is Spanish. English is spoken in tourist areas.


ELECTRICITY 110/120-volt alternating current, 60 hertz. An American adapter plug is recommended.

TELEPHONE The dialling code for Cabarete is: 001 (809) +local no.
Mobile network: UK and European mobiles do work most of the time.

INTERNET There are several internet cafés nearby and there is wireless internet connection in Cabarete Surf Camp.

CLIMATE The climate is tropical with temperatures around 28-30 degrees. For the cooler evenings during winter and the air-conditioned rooms a light pullover is advisable.

Police, Fire, or Ambulance – Call 911
Medical Centre Cabarete : 001 (809) 571 0964 (Open 24 Hours)
Puerto Plata Medical centre: 001 (809) 586-2342 / 001 (809) 586-4140

Address of Medical centre in Puerto Plata:
Centro Médico Bournigal, Antera Mota Street, Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic, PO BOX #25
Email medical centre in Puerto Plata:

Ambulance service This is a private nationwide service called “Movi-med” It operates in Santo Domingo , Santiago , Puerto Plata and La Romana. Telephone numbers are as follows:
Santo Domingo : 532-0000 (area code 809) Santiago : 587-333 (area code 809) Puerto Plata: 970-0707 (area code 809)
Full payment is required at time of transport.

Consulates & Embassies
All Consulates & Embassies are located in Santo Domingo . All numbers have local area code of (809)
Canada Consulate & Embassy : 685-1136
France Embassy : 682-2605/689-2161
EU Consulate : 540-5837 E-mail:
Germany Consulate : 565-8811
GB Embassy:472-7111/472-7671
USA Consulate & Embassy : 221-2171 E-mail:


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Slingshot Foil
Come fly with us! Foil surfing now available at Kite Club.
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Kite Club Cabarete shared Dare2fly Cabarete Kiteboarding School's Hola From Cabarete, Dominican Republic.

Dare2fly Cabarete Kiteboarding School
Cabarete is back to normal after Irma passed us by without any destruction, no need to cancel trips. Cabarete is the place to be this winter!!
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#MondayMotivation On Thursday September 7, 2017 Hurricane Irma brushed by Cabarete, Dominican Republic as a category 5 storm meaning winds exceeding 156 mph ~ 251 km/h. Luckily, we have the Mona Passage, tons of reefs, and high mountain ranges that protect us from storms like these. Two days after the storm and everything seemed to be back to normal, so we decided to take a walk from Cabarete Bay to Kite Beach and Encuentro to make sure everyone was ok. The response we got from every single person we asked, "Todo bien, gracias a Dios." Although we came out on the good end, many of our Caribbean neighbors lost everything and we are yet to see what happens in the rest of the US. Sending positive vibes to all those affected in this difficult time.

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Kite Club Cabarete is at Kite Club Cabarete.

Kite Beach Cabarete
Genesis Reyes photography
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Magaly MarquinaSusana Mewa Martinez esta es la playa de Kite Club Cabarete y el sitio de esparcimiento de Gaby y familia💕

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Magaly MarquinaPrecioso!!!!

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