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Cameron Dietrich has been one of the leading Kitesurfing Coaches in the world of Kiteboarding, bringing a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the Kite Club team Cameron is THE guy for advanced coaching in Freestyle, Strapless and Foil boarding.

5 day IKO Kiteboard Master Clinic

Advanced / Intermediate

15 – 19 July 2017

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This Kiteboard Master Clinic (KMC) is the newest kiteboarder training offered exclusively at Kite Club Cabarete. The Clinic is designed to improve on a wide range of kiteboarding aspects while providing riders the freedom to explore the available knowledge from various angles with a pragmatic approach. The Clinic improves upon riding skills through various aspects: 
A 5 day clinic to advance your riding level: 
Kiteboarders are offered a 5-day advanced program to become Kiteboard Masters. The schedule is a mix between practice, workshops, theoretical courses and personalized coaching. One pleasant aspect of the IKO Kiteboard Master Clinic is that it guarantees 5-days of activity whether there is wind or not. 
KMCs offer you three options to specialize in for skill improvement:
The three options available for improving riding skills during a KMC are: wave riding, freeride and freestyle. Each KMC develops on one or more of these three skills. Check out the training calendar to find and select the Clinic that fits the skill (s) area you want to improve on.
A group thing, yet personalized!
Improvement comes with synergy and practice. The IKO Kiteboard Master Clinic is organized with a maximum of 6 riders, with one kiteboard Coach, that can share experiences and vision. Workshops and theoretical course are done in groups.
Each clinic is customized according to the rider’s wishes and needs. Coaching is personalized during advanced riding practice. Video filming of your practice and debriefing are done to help faster and better riders’ progression. 
No wind insurance: 
No wind? No stop. The Kiteboard Master Clinic is developed to adapt to weather conditions. The schedule can be optimized according to wind time range allowing the maximum riding hours. If there is no wind at some point, extra activities are planned. These include stand up paddleboard, wake boarding, kayaking, mountain biking and so many others. The Organizer lists activities.
The KMC organizer will replace 2 hours of activity for every half day where there is no wind, and will do this up to three times. The Kiteboard Coach manages the rest of the time.
KMC prerequisites:
    • Learn all the knowledge and techniques to become an advanced Kiteboarder
    • In depth classes on Kite Flight Theory, Weather & Tides, Equipment & Safety
    • Get certified to the highest level for IKO recreational Kiteboarder
    • In depth instruction from IKO Training Masters Jon Dodds & Vincent Herbillon


Kite Club Cabarete offers Advanced Kiteboarding Clinics through out the year, check out our Clinic Calendar here.
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IKO Kite Master Clinics are 3 or 5 days of advanced training with IKO advanced levels & knowledge.

The IKO Kite Master Clinic is open to all kiters who can demonstrate the IKO minimum Level 3K. That’s riding upwind, turning and knowing the right of way rules. More advanced kiters can also join as we have a flexible coaching program that can be applied to any level. The aim of the Clinic is to coach participants to improve their skills (both theoretical and practical) from level 3K to level 6. The schedule itself will be manageable depending on your goals and abilities. Participants decide their goals and the coach is here to help them reach it in a friendly professional atmosphere. Once completed you’ll be certified accoriding to your level with a Kite Master level.


Advanced Kite Clinics


You may choose to specialize your training to match your style of riding, i.e. Waveriding, Wakestyle, Freestyle, Oldschool, Sliders, Racing.

Some Clinics may include some special training from one of our Pro Rider coaches, who have a very high level and can give demonstrations and explanations of the most advanced kiteboarding maneuvers. * Subject to availability, check clinic schedule to see who special guest pro riders are.

  • 5 days Advanced Coaching

  • IKO Kiteboard Master Level

  • Advanced Theory & Knowledge

  • Video coaching & analysis

  • Radio support on the water

  • Downwinders & Kite safaris

  • Special guest Pro Rider sessions*

  • Personalized goal based coaching

  • No wind activities & evening entertainment

*subject to availability

Guest Pro Riders

Kite Lessons Cbarete

Robinson Hilario Wakestyle Clinics


Choose your Specialty Clinic to focus on:

  • Wave Riding
  • Freestyle / Wakestyle
  • Kickers & Sliders
  • Old School & Big Airs
  • Course Racing
Kitesurfing School

Cameron Dietrich Waveriding Clinics

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Kite Club Cabarete shared Longboard Chris - Photographer's photo — at Kite Club Cabarete.

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