El Encuentro – one of the most famous reef-breaks of the North-Coast – is located only 10 minutes from the Surf Camp. Just enjoy surfing in warm water and safe conditions. The best time to surf is from December to April but there are conditions for beginners all year.

Playa Caleton: 45 min from here, small and very nice, romantic Caribbean, crystal blue water, fish specials, lobster and typical fresh Surfer-Cocktail

Playa Grande: the most famous, around 1 hour drive, beautiful bay, big beach, nice water and waves, fresh fish.

Playa Preciosa: 2 min from Playa Grande. You have to see the beautiful Caribbean nature at it´s best!

1 week Beginner Surf Course
5 days classes
7 days material + transfer
1 week$199
2 week Beginner Surf Course
10 days classes
14 days material + transfer
2 week$299
Surf Board Rental
1 day including leash, wax and
transfer to and from Playa Encuentro
1 day$15
Surf Board Rental
1 week including leash, wax and
transfer to and from Playa Encuentro
1 day$85

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Daily shuttle service for Surf Packages:

Surf Camp to Encuentro Surf Beach 6.35 and 8.35
Encuentro Surf Beach to Surf Camp 8.00 and 10.45

Wake Boarding

We have a first class Wakeboarding outfit run by UK’s Adam Trotman, UK Nationals Open Mens 2005 Champion. Adams been coaching beginners and pro riders for 7 years and he can garentee your success on a wake board. Set on the tropical Rio Jasica (Jasica River) the water conditions are perfect: warm fresh butter smooth flat water. We use the wake boarding set up to help you with your waterstarts and board skills related to kiteboarding, if we don’t have enough wind for kiteing you are still able to ride and learn. Also available: Water Skiing, Mono Skiing, Knee Boarding, Wake Skating, Sliders & Kickers. Tows are $35 per person including all equipment and private coaching.
Please send us an enquiry for more information and booking.


Cabarete has been a top Windsurfing location for more than 20 years and for a good reason. With the same elements that make it a great kitesurfing spot you’ll have a blast Windsurfing here too. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a pro our Windsurfing partner Carib Bic Centre has everything you need. With beginner to advanced lessons daily and Equipment rental from a pool of first rate Boards and Sails from brands like: Naish Boards & Sails, JP, Tabou and Bic Sport.
Please send us an enquiry for more information and booking.

Send an enquiry for info on the following activities:

Motor Cross, Mountain Biking, Canyoning, White Water Rafting, Whale Watching, Golf, Scuba Diving, Hoby Cat & Laser Sailing, Deep Sea Fishing, Spear Fishing, Para Gliding.