At Kite Club you receive only the very highest level of Kiteboarding lessons. We use only certified IKO Instructors to ensure you learn everything you need to kitesurf with confidence and security.

Below you can see the IKO Kiteboarding Standards, these are universally recognized levels and have been created to give you all the skills necessary to become an independent kiteboarder.

 IKO Discovery Kiteboarder 


SEA (Site, Environment, Activity) AssessmentHolding, carrying and securing a Kite on land

Kite set up

B Safety Systems usePre-Flight Check



Launching and Landing as an AssistantFirst piloting and explore the Wind Window’s edge

Let Go of the Bar

Twist and Untwist the Lines





Flying One-HandedTrim discovery

Walking while flying the Kite

Launching and Landing as a pilot

Wind Window theory



In flight Quick Release activationSelf-Landing

Equipment packing

 IKO Intermediate Kiteboarder 
FEnter and exit the water while controlling the KiteWater re-launch the Kite
G Side Body Drag with 2 handsBody Drag with Power Stroke on both sides


Body Drag UpwindBody Drag with the Board

Self-Rescue and Pack Down Discovery on land



ROW Rules IntroductionSteady Pull


Level 3IKO Independent Kiteboarder
J Controlled StopControl of Riding Speed by Edging
KRiding Upwind
LSliding Transitions
M Toe-Side RidingToe-Side Turn
N Self-LaunchingSelf-Rescue and Pack Down in Deep Water
Level 4IKO Advanced Kiteboarder
1Basic Jump
3Jump with Grab
4Rider Recovery
5Board Recovery
6International Kiteboarding Signs and ROW
8Weather and Tides