Jon Dodds is the founder of Kite Club. He has been practicing and teaching Kite Boarding since 1999, starting a successful kite school in the UK then moving to the Dominican Republic in 2001 to pursue his passion in the sunshine and steady winds of Cabarete.

He has been a certified Instructor in first the Wipika School Network (2000) and since the start of the International Kite boarding Organisation or IKO (2002). He soon worked his way up to becoming an IKO Examiner. Jon has been responsible for the Training and Certification of hundreds of Instructors in dozens of locations across the globe. He was also one of the co-writers of the IKO Instructors Manual used worldwide to train all IKO Instructors. He is now an IKO International Training Master and is responsible for the training of Examiners and Instructors in North and South America.

Jon Dodds brings all his experience and expertise to the Kite Club organisation. He writes all course material and hand picks and trains the Kite Club Instructors and staff to ensure continuity of excellence in your training, ensuring a safe and enjoyable Kite Surfing lesson.